Anna Faber

Anna is working as a PhD candidate on microbial plastic degradation in the Fritz Lab. She is generally interested in synthetic biology, microbiology and biochemistry which she applies in her research to find solutions to environmental and social problems. Anna is a broadly-interested researcher with a molecular science background who has additionally completed a five-year high school teacher training program and who is enthusiastic about science communication. Currently, Anna holds a Forrest Research Foundation scholarship.


Faber, A., Fritz, G. (2024), Seek and you shall find—news on the quest for novel PET‐degrading enzymes. FEBS J.  291, 57-60. 

Stukenberg, D., Hoff, J., Faber, A., & Becker, A. (2022). NT-CRISPR, combining natural transformation and CRISPR-Cas9 counterselection for markerless and scarless genome editing in Vibrio natriegens. Comm. Biol., 5(1), 1-13.


UWA Bayliss Building, Room 3.60

+61 8 6488 4483

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