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Postdoc and PhD opportunities

Our lab at UWA focuses on understanding and engineering bacterial networks, ranging from cracking antimicrobial resistance networks to engineering metabolic pathways for microbial plastic degradation and biolastic productoin. To get an overview of recent projects, take a look at our Research and Publications.

We are currently looking for two Postdocs and two PhD students to join our lab with the following backgrounds: synthetic biology, biotechnology, biochemistry, genetics, bioinformatics, biophysics. The exact projects are flexible and will be developed together with Georg, depending on the strengths and interests of the candidate. 

To apply for the PhD scholarships, please fill out this application form.

To apply for the Postdoc positions, please email Georg

Bachelor and Master's students

We have a range of interesting projects for Bachelor and Master students in genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology, biotechnology, metabolic engineering, and bioinformatics. The projects will focus on one of our research priorities. If you are interested in working in the lab, please email Georg


Our lab regularly hosts undergraduate summer students for internships for 8 weeks (full time) or more. If you are interested in an internship in the lab, please email Georg