Ivar de Jong

I am an early-stage researcher with a Master of Science in Biotechnology from Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands. With a robust background in metabolic and genetic engineering, synthetic biology, microbiology, and molecular biology, I have established a foundation of expertise and practical experience through various academic projects. I have experience working with model microbes like Pseudomonas putida, Escherichia coli, Komagatella phaffii, and non-model microalgae. My broad interest lies in the design and application of engineered microbial hosts.

In my research, I have focused on engineering microorganisms for various applications. I have experience in microalgae biotechnology, where I worked on genetically engineering these organisms and their viruses to create recombinant viruses expressing proteins. Additionally, I have worked on engineering biosafety strategies and rewiring the central metabolism in Pseudomonas putida.


Asin-Garcia, E., Batianis, C., Li, Y. et al. Phosphite synthetic auxotrophy as an effective biocontainment strategy for the industrial chassis Pseudomonas putida. Microb Cell Fact 21, 156 (2022)


UWA Bayliss Building, Room 3.60

+61 8 6488 4483