Luke Pineda

Luke is a master's student in environmental biotechnology, working on sustainable biomanufacturing to produce bioplastics from carbon dioxide-derived feed. With prior experience in research and the energy industry, Luke is deeply passionate about the industrial application of microbiology and biotechnology, especially towards carbon capture and utilisation. His goal is to act as an interface between biology and engineering disciplines to establish new circular and scalable practices in the future.


Khan, M. A., Herring, G., Zhu, J. Y., Oliva, M., Fourie, E., Johnston, B. Zhang, Z., Potter, J., Pineda, L., Pflueger, J., Swain, T., Pflueger, C., Lloyd, J. P. B., Secco, D., Small, I., Kidd, B. N., ... & Lister, R. (2024). CRISPRi-based circuits to control gene expression in plants. Nature Biotechnology, 1-15.


UWA Bayliss Building, Room 3.60